A Dental Bridge Might Be Used to Restore a Tooth Lost to a Severe Cavity

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Without professional treatment a small cavity will inevitably start to expand, compromising an increasing amount of the surrounding dental structure. In time this could lead to the development of a dangerous dental abscess in the underlying gums or a severe fracture near the gumline.

When a tooth is lost in this way there often isn’t enough healthy root structure remaining for it to be restored by endodontic therapy. Should this prove to be the case a dentist like Dr. Mitchell Olson might need to extract whatever remains of the tooth’s root. After your gums have healed and any infection concerns have passes he will help you understand your options for restoring the tooth.

In many of these scenarios our dentist will recommend replacing the tooth with a dental bridge restoration. It is a single piece of dental work that has been used for many years to replicate a single missing tooth.

The dental bridge consists of an artificial tooth that will be completed fused to crowns on each end. It will need to be anchored directly onto abutments formed from the two nearest teeth.

When your dental bridge is our dentist will cement it in place with a strong dental adhesive which will complete the restoration process.

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