Oral Health: Dental Bonding

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Did you know that dental bonding can help correct several issues with your smile including damage that may have been caused due to a variety of issues? Dental bonding is a tooth restoration treatment designed to cosmetically improve your smile while also restoring its look and protecting against any damage that may have occurred.

With a dental bonding procedure, various forms of damage can be corrected. If you have any chips or cracks in your teeth, they will need to be fixed before bacteria can enter the tooth. Furthermore, if you are suffering from decayed teeth or even have extensive gum recession to the point that the root of a tooth is exposed, dental bonding treatments can be used to help cover up the issue and provide an additional layer of protection. Furthermore, individuals who have discolorations, issues with gaps between their teeth, require changes in the shape of their teeth including making their teeth look longer or even simply just adjusting the look of a tooth to blend in better with the natural colors of your smile, dental bonding treatments can be used. They can also be used to give you the look and function a tooth needs to thrive. A single dental bonding treatment can easily last up to ten years before replacements may need to be given.

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