Show off Your Springtime Smile With Cold and Flu Season Risk Prevention

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Are you aware of the risks that cold and flu season can have on your teeth and gums? If you were not already aware, being sick will not only lead to a downturn in your physical health but also your oral health as well. To help prevent a downturn in your oral health while you are sick with a cold or the flu, make sure to continue cleaning out your mouth as needed. Although your energy levels will be down, a minimal amount of care will need to be given to your smile.

As with most problems associated with being ill, effective treatment measures will be required. However, exercise caution with cough drops or any other potentially hard products that can easily chip and crack your teeth. If you have recently thrown up, your teeth may be extra sensitive, and the potential for further fracture due to cough drops or other hard products will be present. Never bite directly into hard products at any time, especially when you’re sick. Furthermore, make sure to avoid products that contain excessive amounts of sugars, as they can contribute to dental erosion and cavities.

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