Teeth and Gums 101: Dental Fillings

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Are you aware of what the importance of a dental filling is? A dental filling is used to conceal and fill in a hole in a tooth that has been damaged by a cavity. Cavities occur when a hole in a tooth is created due to dental erosion and tooth decay within a tooth. If a cavity is not treated, it can cause infections and tooth loss.

If a tooth is too far destroyed for a dental filling to be properly held in place, dental crowns can be used to cover and bind the tooth and enamel together for a solid hold that is both safe and effective. Traditionally with larger cavities, dental amalgams tend to be a better option, given their durability and ease of location. However, they do leave behind a metallic shine, and may not be as aesthetically pleasing as other alternatives.

Composite fillings, also commonly referred to as tooth-colored fillings, you craft fillings that imitate the natural color of your teeth. Tooth-colored composites are mercury-free and are often considered the best option for smaller cavities. Unlike dental amalgams which must be fully taken out before being repaired, composites can be restored or put into place without ever having to take out the original filling.

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