Teeth-Whitening Treatments and Options

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Did you know you had options when it comes to teeth-whitening treatments? Many people want a white smile they can be proud of, resulting in overuse of whitening products that are over-the-counter resulting in oversensitive teeth or damage to their tooth enamel. However, with professional care, you can have a healthy teeth-whitening treatment.

Your dentist, Dr. Mitchell Olson with Olson Dental Care in Bloomington, Minnesota, understands teeth-whitening treatments and offers it to improve the appearance of your teeth.

Here is the intel on teeth-whitening treatments and options to improve your smile:

– Did you know that the highest quality teeth whitening treatments are available from your dentist for a professional quality that can enhance the color shade of your smile by up to ten full shades?

– Whitening trays and gels used at the dentist office are the safest available.

– In several instances, over-the-counter products can be unregulated and may not work at all. What’s worse, if they are used incorrectly, they can stain and bleach your gums. In some cases, they can even wear down your tooth enamel.

– Before using any over the counter teeth whitening treatment systems, speak with your dentist.

– If you have already received your professional whitening treatment, consult with your dentist for at home systems to help with minor touchups.

– Even if your teeth are white and shining now, teeth naturally age over time and can be discolored due to products we consume or by old age.

If you are looking for teeth-whitening treatments, contact our office today at 952-884-1308. Our dental team is happy to make you an appointment and address any questions or concerns you may have about your teeth and oral care.