What Do You Know about Dental Sealants?

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Did you know that dental sealants can help make safe smiles?  Although oral health care routines such a brushing and flossing are vital for a healthy smile, dental sealants can be used as an extra layer of protection for your teeth. Not only are they tremendously beneficial in fighting against cavities, but they go on clear on your teeth to allow you to keep your natural smile attractive.

According to the CDC, also referred to as the Central for Disease Control, numerous studies have shown that children who have dental sealants applied to their molars are three times less likely to develop cavities. Given the fact that children are usually at much higher risks for cavities, due to excessively high consumption of sugary foods and drinks, dental sealants are often an essential dental procedure to consider for youngsters.

Tooth decay can affect everyone, and thus everyone can profit from dental sealants. Thanks to their design, they go on clear and when they are hardened, are virtually impossible to notice, making them less intrusive to your natural smile while still providing your mouth with the benefits it needs to thrive. Dental sealants usually up last ten years. If a dental sealant should fail, they can simply be repaired or reapplied.

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